Installation Kit

Installation Kit

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Please note that we can modify any kit to suit a particular requirement whether it is to accommodate equipment already present or it is to comply with regulations such as MCA coding. To comply with Inland Waterways Boat Safety Scheme, we can provide fuel filters with metal bowls.

Please contact us if you can't see your generator listed above.

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All kits including the following items:

  • Sea water supply system using bronze or DZR hull fittings and including water hose

  • Fuel supply system with fuel filter/water separator and A1 grade fuel hose

  • Exhaust system with Lloyds-approved exhaust hose and a waterlock/muffler

  • Hose Clips for all the above hoses

  • AC electrical protection system in enclosure and Shore/Off/Gen Changeover switch

You can use the main engine start battery, otherwise:

  • Start battery 55 Ah (if used)

  • Battery box (if battery used)

Additionally, for a standard installation, you will typically need the following items:

  • Sealant - 3M: 4200, 5200 or SIKA: 221

  • Fuel supply - tank standpipe fittings may be required

  • Fuel return - tank pipe fittings (if used)

  • Pos and Neg battery cables - 2.5 mm² (2 minimum)

  • Suitable mounting base e.g. 1" marine ply