Cristec Touch Display Remote

Cristec Touch Display Remote


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The Cristec Touch Display is only for use with the Cristec YPOWER & HPOWER range of battery chargers (12V or 24V). This remote panel uses touch screen technology and allows you to change the settings and navigate through the information provided by the panel, such as:

  • Battery Voltage (up to 3 separate banks)

  • Charger output current

  • Confirmation of mains input security

  • Charging status (Boost, Absorption or Floating)

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The CRISTEC Touch Display shows real time data about the battery, its charging and the charger’s AC input power. Normally, all we need to do is provide a Cristec charger with correct input power and leave it to work. However, with the potential for varying quality of input supply power and other issues affecting charging performance like battery condition, having more details about the charging process can be very helpful.

The information provided by the Touch Display includes battery voltage (up to 3 banks), charger current (being delivered), charger operating state (Boost, Absorption, Floating), battery temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted) and AC input voltage and frequency. The system will monitor data and automatically trigger an acoustic and visual alarm for low battery voltage (up to 3 banks), high battery voltage (up to 3 banks), battery over-temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted), low AC input voltage and low AC input frequency.

And finally, the screen brightness is adjustable with night/day mode.



External Dimensions (mm) - 105x75x25

Screen Dimensions (mm) - 51x39

Cut-Out (mm) - 87x65

Weight (g) - 300