Introducing the groundbreaking range of Frigomar ‘Inverter Technology’ self-contained marine air condition systems


Air Conditioning Units

Using the very latest inverter technology, Frigomar marine air conditioning units have a 50% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional units. They offer low current consumption, no peak start load and the highest comfort with silent operation.


Installation Kits & Accessories

Installation Kits

To complete the installation of a marine air conditioning system in your boat, we have kits to provide the cooling water supply and cool air delivery. We offer a variety of wood species and plastic grilles.

Installation Accessories

To install grilles and connect ducting, we have a comprehensive range of air handling accessories for installing marine air conditioning systems.


Looking to update an old air conditioning system on your boat or are you a boat builder looking for more variety.  We offer teak, cherry, oak, maple and plastic.



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