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Introducing the groundbreaking range of Frigomar ‘Inverter Technology’ energy Saving marine air conditioning Systems


Self-Contained Units

Using the very latest inverter technology, Frigomar marine air conditioning units have a 50% higher energy efficiency compared to conventional units. They offer low current consumption, no peak start load and the highest comfort with silent operation.


Chiller Units

We also supply the full range of Frigomar Chiller Units and accessories. Please contact us for more information.


Installation Kits

To complete the installation of a marine air conditioning system in your boat, we have kits to provide the cooling water supply and cool air delivery. We offer a variety of wood species and plastic grilles.

Installation Accessories

To install grilles and connect ducting, we have a comprehensive range of air handling accessories for installing marine air conditioning systems.


Looking to update an old air conditioning system on your boat or are you a boat builder looking for more variety.  We offer teak, cherry, oak, maple and plastic.


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