Based on the South Coast, our team carry out professional Repairs and Refurbishments to the very highest of standards

Repair Service

If you have a Paguro 3000 or 4000 and are worried it may be suffering from something serious - don't panic - contact us. These machines are strong and quite straightforward and there isn't much we haven't dealt with that may possibly go wrong.  We have solutions which are usually inexpensive.

Sometimes it is easier to get the generator out of the boat, screw it to a small pallet and send it to us. We can repair the defect or carry out a full refurbish and then send it back to you.  All you have to do is simply pop it back in the boat and carry on. When laying your boat up for winter, consider taking the opportunity to give your Paguro a deep clean and detailed service.

Refurbishment Service

The Paguro 3000 & 4000 series of generators were phenomenaly successsful with thousands being sold worldwide, many of them under different brand names. This unit is very reliable and very durable; not suffering the corrosion issues some brands have become infamous for.  We routinely supply service spares for units that are more than 20 years old or have accumulated thousands of operating hours.

Their durabilty can lead to one problem - owner neglect! They just go on and on without much care. Many of our clients have discovered that this was not the end of the road and found that having their generator overhauled was not expensive and represented a massive saving on buying a new one.

We suggest that an old Paguro will benefit from a major refresh every 7 years.  If typical engine wear items are checked and replaced if necessary - the generator will be happy to run, trouble free, for many more years. As we know the base machine is sound, we take old Paguro units in as part exchange for new generators and refurbish these. These are offered for sale as used machines to clients looking for a lower price, who want a genuine Paguro.