Dessalator DUO 60

Dessalator DUO 60


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Exclusive to Dessalator and giving you ultimate freedom of choice, the DUO gives you a 2-in-1 capability; when running your engine you can use the DC motor and when running your generator you can use the AC motor. This innovative feature not only gives you system redundancy but also allows you to optimise efficient use of power sources. Producing around 60 litres per hour, this watermaker is a favourite on yachts in the 46-54’ range with 2-8 people on board.

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The Professionals Choice

Setting The Standard

Dessalator is the market leader when it comes to providing pure fresh water to sailing and power boats around the world. Consistent production of high quality water has made Dessalator the number one choice for long distance cruisers and for professional skippers where reliability is key.

Space Saving

Dessalator DUO models have a significant advantage over frame mounted watermakers because the individual components of the system are small and can be located in places that would otherwise be wasted, minimising the loss of precious locker space and making installation easy.

No Limits

Enjoy an unlimited supply of pure fresh water on demand, ideal for staying hydrated, taking a shower and more...


With a Dessalator watermaker on board you have the freedom to roam wherever you choose, without having to plan your voyages around marinas.

Simple Lay-Up

With automatic and manual fresh water rinsing fitted as standard, you can keep your membranes clean, ensuring a long life and low cost of ownership. If you are leaving your boat for a few months, pickling couldn’t be easier, simply pop in our innovative sterilising cartridge.

Low Maintenance

Over-engineered for reliability and durability in the marine environment, there is no specific servicing requirement for your Freedom watermaker other than an occasional change of the pre-filter. With Dessalator’s built in ‘run-dry’ protection, the CAT pump will give you 1000’s of operating hours with no routine maintenance.



With a track record of more than 35 years in desalination, Dessalator is the leader and forerunner in the design and manufacture of watermakers dedicated to the yachting and boating world. In the early 1980’s Dessalator developed the world’s first 12V and 24V watermakers capable of producing 30 litres of fresh water per hour. At the time this was considered a technical revolution that enabled yacht owners to be self-sufficient. Only a few years later, Dessalator invented their patented dual-energy DUO watermakers. Now, with more than 8000 watermakers in service around the world, Dessalator have a complete range of watermakers from 30 litres per hour up to 2000 litres per hour. Based in Antibes, Dessalator are the factory choice for Amel, Beneteau, Discovery, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Oyster, X-Yachts, Wauquiez and the watermaker of choice for many professional skippers and installers.


Trusted By Boat Builders Around The World



Litres per hour - 60 - 75

Power Type - AC & DC

Weight - 45Kg


Installation Kits

We also supply comprehensive installation kits, put together using the same high quality parts we use in our professional marine installations. They include the known parts necessary to complete an installation, without you or your installer having to spend time sourcing additional parts. Each system group of parts is individually packed and labelled to make it easy; just open the box and begin!


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Installation Service

Based on the South Coast, our team carry out professional installations to the very highest of standards. With many years experience on a variety of vessels we deliver well thought out installations, optimising use of space and minimising loss of useful storage. We take the greatest care of your boat during the installation and your boat will be handed back to you clean and tidy. We offer a free survey and a fixed price, so there are no hidden extras.

We also have a network of professional installers around the UK, please contact us for details of your local installer.

Self Installation or Own Engineer

Our technical team are only a phone call or email away and are always happy to support you or your own engineer with your installation and beyond.



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