Rolls R12-260AGM 12 Volt Battery

Rolls R12-260AGM 12 Volt Battery


Rolls batteries are manufactured by the Surrette Battery Company of Nova Scotia, Canada and have been in the business of making high quality batteries since 1935. With over 80 years experience, they have built a well earned reputation for producing quality batteries with long cyclic lives and industry leading warranties.

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Rolls Batteries

Manufactured in Canada, the Surrette battery company with their Rolls brand of batteries have been leading the way in the manufacture of lead acid batteries since 1935.

World Class Battery Engineering

A boat’s electrical system revolves around the batteries ability to absorb, hold, deliver and then re-absorb high levels of energy efficiently. If you want to fully enjoy your boat’s systems, your batteries need to be up to the job. Rolls AGM deep cycle batteries are designed and built differently than ordinary ‘leisure’ batteries. More lead, heavier plates and other proprietary materials enable them to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles.

Longer Life

With 1200 cycles for the Red Series and 800 cycles for the new Series 2 range (@ 50% DOD); Rolls are ahead of the field when it comes to AGM batteries.

Just Keeps Going...

Rolls AGM batteries are able to survive very deep discharge with excellent recovery, are maintenance free and do not vent gas in normal operation. Not only do they have long deep cycle lives, they can also take high charge and deliver powerful discharge currents due to their ‘resitox’ plate design.

This makes them the best choice for start, bow thruster and service batteries. Overall, an ideal solution for all your battery needs in an enclosed yacht environment.


Capacity - 260 Ah

Dimensions - 522x268x240

Weight - 73Kg