Rutland 914i

Rutland 914i


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Powerful and compact, the Rutland 914i windcharger, based on the hugely successful 913, has 30% extra power from the same turbine diameter! This increased output is achieved through innovative use of MPPT electronics.

The 914i is an excellent choice for liveabord boats or those cruising for the weekend. The higher output helps to replace power used by fridges or navigational equipment without the need to run the main engine or a generator so often.

This wind generator is available in 12V and 24V versions and requires a separate charge controller to regulate its output to a battery bank. View our range of Rutland Charge Regulators...

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Why choose Rutland?

Low wind speed start up

When the wind is light, many wind turbines remain stationary, producing no power. Rutland wind generators feature low friction high output generators with modern aerodynamic fan blade design, so they have unrivaled low wind speed start up. The result is that they start making useful power long before many competitors will even begin to rotate.


Marlec Engineering have been making wind generators in their UK factory since 1979. With many years of product feedback from tens of thousands of units shipped worldwide - you will enjoy the reliability this experience brings.

Quiet operation

How many times have you heard someone curse a whistling or howling wind turbine? Don't be put off having a wind generator because you think it may be anti-social; simply choose a Rutland and relax; you've got the quiet one! Rutland are world renowned for their near silent operation; just walk around a marina and listen for yourself.


Using the free power of wind to charge your batteries, you can reduce your fuel consumption by not having to run your engine or generator so often.


Power @ 10 knots - 24W

Power @ 21 knots - 143W

Power @ 29 knots - 262W

Wind speed to start - 5 knots

Output Voltage - 12V or 24V

Turbine Diameter - 910 mm

Turning Radius - 557 mm

Weight - 11.6 kg