Rutland 1200 Mounting Kit

Rutland 1200 Mounting Kit


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This kit is ideal for mounting your Rutland 1200 wind charger at a safe height above deck. The stainless steel poles also act as a conduit down which the wires can run.

The pole will need to be braced against something rigid such as the pushpit rails, fixed bimini frame or rear mounted arch. The pole kit includes brackets for use with wire guys but these are not commonly used on yachts to steady the pole. When extra support is needed or there is nothing nearby to brace to, these guy brackets are used in conjunction with the separate Marine Stays Kit to brace the pole to nearby rails or fixed frames. See Marine Stays Kit for more details...

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Why choose Rutland?

Low wind speed start up

When the wind is light, many wind turbines remain stationary, producing no power. Rutland wind generators feature low friction high output generators with modern aerodynamic fan blade design, so they have unrivaled low wind speed start up. The result is that they start making useful power long before many competitors will even begin to rotate.


Marlec Engineering have been making wind generators in their UK factory since 1979. With many years of product feedback from tens of thousands of units shipped worldwide - you will enjoy the reliability this experience brings.

Quiet operation

How many times have you heard someone curse a whistling or howling wind turbine? Don't be put off having a wind generator because you think it may be anti-social; simply choose a Rutland and relax; you've got the quiet one! Rutland are world renowned for their near silent operation; just walk around a marina and listen for yourself.


Using the free power of wind to charge your batteries, you can reduce your fuel consumption by not having to run your engine or generator so often.


2 x 1.35m lengths of polished marine grade stainless steel tubing

1 x tube joiner

1 x deck fitting bracket (2 parts)

4 x support guy brackets

Stainless steel fasteners

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