Westerbeke 4.2 MCGA

Westerbeke 4.2 MCGA

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The 4.2 MCGA is designed for larger petrol powered sports boats which will have some air con, an electric galley and other typical consumers needing a mains supply. Designed to be as compact as possible, the 4.2 MCGA fits easily in the engine room or aft compartment of medium sized power boats. Powered by a 3 cylinder fuel injected petrol engine running at only 1500rpm, the 4.2 MCGA is extremely smooth and quiet.

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Westerbeke Power


Safely Leading The Way

The first company to bring constant speed EFI generators to the marine market, Westerbeke manufacture low-CO petrol generators which dramatically reduce carbon monoxide emissions, make boating safer for you and the environment!

Efficient & Reliable

Westerbeke low-CO petrol generators feature multiport electronic fuel injection (EFI). This provides optimum fuel efficiency, easy starting and improved reliability. In conjunction with multiport EFI, electronic speed control via an electronic governor maintains the engine at a constant speed and eliminates ‘bogging down’ when load is applied.


Smooth & Quiet

These generators run so smoothly and quietly that a sound shield is not even offered as an option by Westerbeke! You can relax and enjoy life on board whilst your generator purrs away doing the hard work.

Simple To Operate

A simple ‘one-touch’ start/stop control panel is mounted on the generator with an hour meter and LED warning lights. Advance Yacht supply a separate start/stop switch with a harness which can be mounted remotely for ease of starting. The main control panel on the generator provides fault finding codes via the annunciator light strip, so checking out a problem with your generator is very straightforward.



Based in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA, Westerbeke is a family run company with the current Chairman ‘Jack’ Westerbeke the third generation to lead the company and son Robert Westerbeke looking after International Sales. With over 80 years dedicated to developing diesel generators for the marine environment, Westerbeke have always been one step ahead of the competition. They have a large manufacturing plant with sophisticated R&D facilities and fully EPA certificated test cells for product development. As early adopters of 3-D printing technology for prototyping bespoke parts for engine marinisation, Westerbeke are able to develop unique solutions, such as in-house design of their multipoint fuel injection systems.




Output - 4.2kW

Voltage - 230V @ 50Hz

Speed - 1500rpm

Fuel - Petrol

Weight - 155kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) - 670x467x454


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