David McLeman - June 2018

Rod and Wayne are real experts who clearly explained the pros and cons of the numerous watermaker choices (esp. energy recovery or not) and generators (power vs start-up loads) and provided solid third-party references. We've ended up with choices which should be reliable but keep the weight down in our catamaran. Very impressed with the install, especially Wayne's former boat-building skills deployed to create a neat install.

David McLeman

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Keith Longden - May 2018

I am the most pedantic and fussy person in the world when it comes to my boat, therefore I spent a lot of time getting quotes from various companies, before taking the plunge with Advance Yacht Systems. It was for once, one of my better decisions. I could not believe the standard of workmanship. I had two air con units, a water maker, 5 new batteries and a new charger fitted. Once the work was complete it was impossible to tell that it was a retrofit. All the woodwork needed to accommodate the systems was finished to a better quality than the original. All the systems worked perfectly and still do one year later. So, look no further, excellent workmanship combined with friendly knowledgeable staff supplying high quality equipment. What more could a nervous yachty want.

Keith Longden

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Peter Dawson - August 2016

Just come back from the yacht in Mallorca this week having completed the air con installation on my new 45DS. Unfortunately the weather has not been good so we could not launch the boat before I left, but overall I am very pleased with the quality and advice given by Wayne. Can’t wait to have it in the water and give it its full test…

Peter Dawson

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Mr R Barcant - December 2015

Thank you very much for seeing this through for us so gracefully and reliably and for the supportive guidance offered to our Boatbuilders for installation. I had felt very impressed and appreciative of the patient effort by Rod in advising Kimber earlier, and in the very professional and helpful follow through on this.”

Mr R Barcant

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Steve Porter - April 2015

Update April 2015. "Since writing my last customer feedback, eight years have gone by. That same Paguro generator has remained in my vessel ever since. I should add that my vessel is a commercial angling charter boat and is at sea for up to 200 days per year with the generator being used on all of them. The generator itself has now done many hundreds of hours and has provided continued reliable service and countless thousands of hot drinks for my customers. Sadly, four months ago a worn seal on the water pump did cause sea water to enter the generator motor. I immediately called Advance Yacht for advice. Even after eight years I was still remembered and received outstanding advice and service."

Steve Porter

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Rick & Mandy Payne - November 2013

We were delighted with the care and attention to detail shown by all at Advance Yacht Systems. In particular, the care shown by Wayne in the installation of our new watermaker has left us with utter confidence in the product and the company. Thanks guys, we’ll send you a postcard from our travels.

Rick & Mandy Payne

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Sean and Jane Gill - April 2012

“We are absolutely delighted with the DUO 60, it has revolutionised our med cruising. We do not need to risk our gelcoat in tightly packet harbours of charter boats, and on passage we can top up our tanks whenever we run the engine or generator, on sunny days we can use it using solar power to top up the batteries. Very low maintenance providing good quality water, we fitted the optional sink tap which means we bottle our own water to take ashore or freeze as required if we had contaminated tanks. It was a difficult fit on our Island Packet 420 but this was mainly due to the location that we chose, the unit is compact enough. We fitted everything on the stbd side under the fwd stbd saloon seat and removed some of the outer locker bulkhead and placed a shelf in for it to sit on. A good quality product, thank you.”

Sean and Jane Gill

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John Copson – July 2010

I am writing to let you know how delighted I have been with the seamless service your company has provided from start to finish with supplying and installing a Paguro generator for my new Hallberg Rassy 40. From the outset the expert telephone advice that I received from Caroline was really helpful and not in the slightest way pushy just to get a sale. As far as the installation of the generator is concerned - perfection is the first word that comes to mind! Wayne managed to fit the genset in the smallest of spaces in such a way that it is totally indistinguishable from an original factory fit! A great job - well done!

John Copson

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John and Virginia Priem - May 2010

We bought a Paguro generator for our boat from Advance Yacht. As our boat is kept in Greece we drove there with the generator and installed it ourselves.  Rod and Caroline gave us excellent advice and told us they would be available by email or phone to talk us through any problems.  We did the installation with no trouble whatsoever.  The instructions are straightforward.  The generator works like a dream. We would recommend Advance Yacht for their personal service and professionalism.

John and Virginia Priem

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Tim Price - March 2010

Can I thank you and your company for the excellent service and the skill of your guys fitting my generator. The fitting went like clockwork as promised and I am very pleased with the result. The work was completed to a high standard by helpful and cheerful staff. They went out of their way to stay behind to show me all the controls and the operation of the generator and I would gladly recommend your company to others.

Tim Price

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Chris and Sandra Mennem - March 2010

We are planning to leave Malta early next week, and so therefore commissioned your system today in the marina. Really pleased to report that after reading your notes again, we got round to the big moment, and shortly after that were making water! No problems, no leaks, all very straight forward, and therefore two extremely happy customers. We know it will make a huge difference to our quality of cruising. We have been more than happy with your service, and are delighted with Dessalator’s product.

Chris and Sandra Mennem

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Derek Mercer - October 2009

I would like to state how pleased I am with Wayne’s efforts. The installation is very professional, the work was carried out on time and within budget, and there was not a speck of dust to show for his efforts. I am seriously impressed. If you ever need a “satisfied customer” to speak to someone, please put my name forward - I would be happy to support you.

Derek Mercer

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Alan & Doreen Martin - March 2009

Having had a bad experience with our first watermaker we met Rod of Advance Yacht Systems Ltd at the London Boat Show who showed us the Dessalator D60 which we subsequently purchased.  We opted to install the unit ourselves which proved to be very straight forward and, with much support and advice from Rod, was achieved in a matter of hours over a period of a couple of weeks.  We are extremely pleased with our Dessalator.  Since its installation, and right through our Atlantic crossing earlier this year, the Dessalator performed admirably and we would not now be without it.  Our thanks to Rod Boreham and his staff at Advance Yacht Systems Ltd for their unfailing after sales support.

Alan & Doreen Martin

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Nigel Backwith - December 2008

Installation performed like a dream and made life aboard luxurious. As I said before your work and after sales service is the best in the business. No one else can touch you. We have 330 miles to run.  I’ll be putting in a glowing report about you to Yachting Monthly/World, who will run an “ARC equipment review” article. Well done and thank you for helping make the ARC possible for me.

Nigel Backwith

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