Paguro 4000 (230V/50Hz)

Paguro 4000 (230V/50Hz)


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This generator has a brand new alternator, electrical plant, water pump, sound capsule and control panel. The engine has low operating hours and has been stripped down, all wear parts inspected and any that were outside acceptable operating tolerances have been replaced. Following rebuild, the generator was resprayed and then placed on the test bench and operating settings (voltage and frequency) adjusted to the correct values and it was run at full power for a minimum of 15 minutes.

The generator is supplied mounted in its sound capsule, with a remote control panel and harness and installation/operation manual. It is boxed and ready to ship.

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Output - 4.0kVA

Voltage - 230V @ 50Hz

Speed - 3000rpm

Engine - Farymann

Fuel - Diesel

Weight - 83kg

LxWxH - 600x340x525

Installation Kits

Installation Kits


We also supply comprehensive installation kits, put together using the same high quality parts we use in our professional marine installations. They include the known parts necessary to complete an installation, without you or your installer having to spend time sourcing additional parts. Each system group of parts is individually packed and labelled to make it easy; just open the box and begin!

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