Studer MBR 12/24-160

Studer MBR 12/24-160


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The Studer MBR range of battery separators are microprocessor controlled voltage sensitive relays (VSR). They are installed between the primary battery (engine start battery) and the domestic or service battery bank.

The MBR 12/24-160 is suitable for use with either 12V or 24V and can handle a maximum current of 160A.

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Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSR)


MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled VSRs.  They allow one battery bank to be charged first from a battery charger or engine alternator and then automatically connect it to a second battery bank in parallel, to allow it to be charged too. The relay can sense when the primary battery is at a voltage indicating that it is being charged (13.2V in a 12V system) and when it does, it closes the relay contacts to connect the second battery bank in parallel. If the charging stops, the voltage will drop to a level which indicates the primary is no longer being charged (12.8V in a 12V system) and so the relay contacts open, separating the battery banks. This way you cannot accidently discharge the engine start battery by forgetting to disconnect it from the service batteries.

Note; if the secondary battery bank is receiving charge directly from a different source (such as solar panels), the relay will close and allow the primary to benefit from this charge too.

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Current Rating (A) - 160

RemoteContact Control - Yes