RCE/100-1E-3IG MOSFET Battery Splitter

RCE/100-1E-3IG MOSFET Battery Splitter


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MOSFET battery splitters from Cristec deliver charging current from an engine alternator or other source of battery charging to separate battery banks with no volt drop.  They ensure all the batteries connected to the outputs get the maximum possible charge while keeping them isolated from each other.

The 100-1E-3IG can handle a maximum total current flow of 100A, has 1 input and 3 outputs (to deliver the current to three separate battery banks).

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Battery Charge Splitters


MOSFET battery splitters do not create volt drop like diode splitters. This means they enable efficient charging of separate battery banks from a single source, like an alternator and/or battery charger. All battery banks remain electrically isolated and are charged independently without any losses.

With diode splitters, it is common for there to be up to 0.7V (12V systems) difference between the voltage of charging device (engine alternator) and the voltage coming out of the splitter and going to the batteries. If you thought your alternator was providing 14.4V (12V system norm) then the voltage carrying charge to your batteries might only be 13.7V. This reduced 'potential difference' will reduce the ability for charge current to be delivered to your batteries. Consider that 13.7V is a typical 'float' voltage for a battery charger, designed to trickle charge a battery and 14.4V is a typical 'absorption' voltage which encourages better charging.



No.of Inputs/Outputs - 1/3

Current Rating (A) - 100