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The Cristec IT-3600-A is an Isolation Transformer with a capacity to transfer 3600W of power from marina supply to the vessel mains systems with the added feature that it has automatic source voltage sensing.

Cristec Isolation Transformers have soft start built in, preventing nuisance dock supply trips when first turned on.

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Isolation Transformers


Isolation Transformers are an excellent way to connect your boat to the dock supply of mains power in a marina without being physically connected to the marina or the other boats there. This protects your boat from the dangers of galvanic corrosion. It also protects you from a reverse polarity situation.

Galvanic corrosion can result from the electrical connection created with other boats and the marina pilings through the earth conductor of your shore power cable.

Reverse polarity occurs when the live and neutral connections in a dock supply have been connected to the opposite pins relative to the position of the live and neutral wires in your shore power plug. This can allow power to be transmittted down a line which has no protective device (boats with single pole breakers on the AC system and no RCD/GFCI).

The Cristec Isolation Transformer can handle a flow of power into the boat of up to 3600W. The unit contains two large coils of wire (it is a transformer). The energy flows into the first coil creating an alternating magnetic field. This induces an alternating current in the second coil. This 'induced' alternating current delivers energy to the consumers on board the boat. As such, there is no physical contact between the incoming supply wires and the vessels mains supply wires. Polarity of the incoming supply is not important and does not affect safety or function.



Power Limit - 3600W

Max Current (230V) - 16A

Max Current (115V) - 32A

Size (mm) - 400 x 300 x 200

Weight - 24kg