Cristec Battery Monitor Kit

Cristec Battery Monitor Kit


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Battery monitors are crucial to understanding the true state of charge of your batteries; a voltmeter is not enough.

The Cristec Battery Monitor kit JBNUMII-CPS3 includes the battery monitor panel, one shunt (250A) to monitor one battery bank, one 10m RJ11 cable to connect to the shunt and two additional RJ11 cables to measure voltages from two other sources.

You can even monitor sources with different voltages... on the same panel.

The JBNUMII is capable of monitoring 3 battery banks in total or 3 sources of energy (such as a wind turbine, solar panel or engine alternator) or a mixture of them.  One shunt is included in the kit and if you wish to fully monitor other banks or observe current flow from individual sources, you need to purchase the optional KITSHUNT (one is required for each additional battery bank or source to be monitored).

A 500A shunt is also available on request (KITSHUNT-500A).

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