Cristec 24/12-16A DC/DC Converter

Cristec 24/12-16A DC/DC Converter


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DC/DC converters are used, depending on the model, to step up or to step down a DC voltage or to provide the same voltage but stabilised. They can be used to charge one battery bank from another.

The Cristec 24/12-16A will convert a 'nominal' 24V supply into 12V and the maximum output current it can deliver is 16A @ 12V. The exact output voltage desired is adjustable by internal potentiometer. Sometimes DC/DC converters are rated in terms of watts; this converter can handle 195W.

Cristec DCDC Converters are all galvanically isolated.

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DC/DC Converters can be used (depending on model) for three distinct purposes:

1.  To provide a supply of power for a device which uses a different voltage from the service voltage available on the vessel.

2.  Convert a service voltage into a different voltage to facilitate battery-to-battery charging. This option can be accomplished in a simple way using any DC/DC converter with an output voltage that is slightly higher than the resting voltage of the battery. So, to charge a 12V battery from a 24V battery bank, the DC/DC converter should have an output higher than 12.8V. This output voltage is adjusteable on Cristec DCDC converters. There is a specific model for charging 24V bowthruster batteries from a 12V supply using a modern 3-stage battery charging regime - see YPOWER DCDC Charger - 12 / 24 - 30A

3.  To stabilise power. When devices such as electric winches, bowthrusters or even powerful inverters are connected to the service batteries, they may cause a dip in voltage when used. This might affect navigation instruments, causing them to switch off and then back on again. This would be disruptive and may cause stored information to be lost. In this case a DC/DC converter which has the same nominal input voltage as its output voltage will act as a stabilised power supply. The input voltage may drop but the output voltage will remain at the exact voltage you have set using the internal potentiomenter. The current drawn from the input will rise to compensate for the drop in that voltage, ensuring the output power remains stable.



Input Voltage (VDC) - 18-36

Output Voltage (VDC) - 12 (adj)

Output Current (A) - 16

Rated Power (W) - 195