Marine Petrol Generators


Big Petrol Power is back…

The wide range of modern high power petrol engines available today, both inboard and outboard, has fuelled the resurgence in petrol engine sports cruisers. These vessels are fast and quiet with their new petrol engines producing low emissions.

As with all modern boats; owners want electric hob cooking, coffee machines and air-conditioning. Typically small diesel generators have been chosen as this size of boat was normally powered by a diesel engine. Clearly not a good option for a boat that gets filled up with petrol! Help is at hand – we only have to look at what happens over the pond where petrol is more popular.  Westerbeke from the USA have unrivalled experience in the manufacture and design of small, quiet marine petrol generators and is the world’s most prolific manufacturer of marine petrol generators.

Westerbeke's innovative electronic multi-port fuel injection and catalytic converters dramatically reduce carbon monoxide emissions to almost zero, making boating a safer, more pleasant experience for you and… better for the environment! Like their large diesel stablemates, Westerbeke low-CO petrol generators run slowly, resulting in such a low noise output they don’t even need a sound capsule.

Advance Yacht is the exclusive distributor for Westerbeke in UK and Ireland. 

Bradley Thompson