The Next Generation Of Generators

When Volpi Tecno Energia developed the new SY Series of Paguro generators they utilised over 25 years of experience with the highly successful Paguro 3000 & 4000 generators, creating the next series of industry leading generators.

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Powered By Yanmar

We are proud to have Yanmar engines fitted to the new SY Series of Paguro generators. Recognised worldwide, their reputation for power and reliability complements that of the VTE system. Together, they assure you of a package which is powerful and reliable but also one that is user friendly and easy to maintain. The service interval for the engine is an amazing 250 hours and the service tasks are simple. With no oil filter and the water pump now having a carbon ceramic seal, the only thing that is routinely required is an oil change!

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Designed for Life

The electrical alternator is maintenance free and is watercooled using a stainless steel cooling jacket to keep the windings cool; enhancing the electrical output. The alternator is a well proven unit; oversized to allow for very high peak currents needed to start air con systems or dive compressors. The watercooled, oversized, skew cut brushless synchronous alternator assures you of a high output, a smooth sine wave and a long life.


A New Way To Control

With or without our optional bezel surrounds, the new control panel offers a striking and modern look to the control of your generator. Enhanced features include the ability to monitor engine revs, current supplied in Amps and frequency in Hz. The display also has an hourmeter and a load indicator bar. As before, the panel monitors several parameters and if a problem is detected, an alarm indicator illuminates and if necessary, it will turn the generator off to avoid damage.


The SY Series

Paguro 3 SY
Paguro 4 SY