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3000 RPM Generators

Paguro 3000rpm diesel marine generators are the ideal solution for small to medium sized boats where space may be limited. A 3000rpm marine generator is also the best choice for high power and low weight.

1500 RPM Generators

Paguro 1500rpm diesel marine generators are popular with larger sailing yachts, motor boats and commercial vessels and are the best choice if the generator is required to run continuously.

Variable Speed Generators

Variable speed marine generators offer benefits of both high speed and low speed generators. At quiet times when loads are light they slow down and when demand is high they speed up producing more power.

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Spare Parts

Buy spare parts for your Paguro marine generator online. Contact us if you can't see the part you are looking for or if you need help locating a part.

Installation Kits

To ensure peace of mind, your marine generator should be installed properly and that starts with using the right parts. Our kits contain the same parts we use in our professional marine installations.

Old Paguro Models

View old and discontinued Paguro marine generator models. We still support these models with service and spare parts.

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