Advance Yacht Systems offer a wide range of power management products and packages for your on board comfort

Battery Chargers

With over 30 years of experience, Cristec HF Switchmode battery chargers are the market leaders with their high performance and intelligent design. The YPOWER range features a 5-stage charging profile.

Inverter Chargers

Inverter-chargers are a convenient way to manage limited power in applications like boats. From Victron and Studer, they provide the function of battery charger and mains supply when mains is available and inverter when it is not.


With a pure sine wave inverter from Cristec, Studer Innotec or Victron Energy, you can convert the DC voltage from your service batteries into AC voltage. Inverters can be used to supply all types of electrical devices.

Shore Power Units

If you want mains on board your boat when in a marina, primarily to supply a battery charger, the Cristec Shore Power Unit combines a battery charger with mains circuit breakers - all pre-wired - in one box.


The Rolls range of AGM batteries represent very high quality at a great price. With a cyclic life well in excess of competing products, these 12V AGM batteries will give many years of reliable service and there’s no maintenance.

Battery Monitoring

Accurate battery monitors are critical to knowing the true state of charge of your batteries, something a simple voltmeter cannot do. We offer stand alone systems and the Battery Status Process for use with Studer Xtenders.

Battery Splitters

MOSFET battery splitters from Cristec deliver charging current from an engine alternator or other source of battery charging, to separate battery banks with no volt drop.

Voltage Sensitive Relay

The Cyrix Battery Combiner is a microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay that automatically connects two separate battery banks together when one bank is being charged.

Battery Protection

The Cristec Voltage Guard protects a battery from being excessively discharge and will also protect consumers from overvoltage. The VLTG-70 can handle current flow of 70A.


DC/DC Converters

DC/DC converters are used, depending on the model, to step up or to step down a DC voltage or to provide the same voltage but stabilised. They can also be used to charge one battery bank from another.

Isolation Transformers

Cristec Isolation Transformers keep you electrically isolated from other boats in the marina when plugged into shore power, and ensure the polarity on your boat is never wrong. Perfect for safely keeping your boat’s systems running.