Cristec SOLO Inverter 12V / 400VA

Cristec SOLO Inverter 12V / 400VA


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The Solo 12V / 400VA uses 12V battery power to create 230VAC.  It is capable of producing a continuous output of 400W (500VA for 30 minutes).  This inverter uses HFLF technology which makes it capable of coping with high momentary surge loads, accidental overload and small inductive devices which struggle with other inverters.  This technology also has the benefit of being more durable and much more efficient than normal pure sine wave inverters.  As with other good inverters, it has low battery disconnect so that if you fail to supply charge to the battery it will prevent the battery from being damaged through total exhaustion.  However it also features a system which will help prevent permanent battery damage from regular deep disharge called BLO (Battery Life Optimisation).

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Inverters convert DC from batteries into AC, to provide power when no mains supply is available.

There are various types of AC that inverters can produce; square wave, modifed sine wave (quasi-sine wave) and pure sinewave.  Pure sine wave is an exact replication of mains supply in your home and is the only type that you can guarantee will work with all devices that use AC power. Pure sinewave inverters are also the most efficient. The low cost of pure sinewave inverters today means there is no justification for buying square wave or modified sine wave inverters.

All our inverters are pure sinewave output.

Our inverters have many features but the most important to remember is that if left connected and supplying a device - they will not completely deplete a battery as they are all fitted with a low voltage cut-off system. This switches the inverter off when the battery voltage is low and usually provides an alarm to warn you prior to disconnecting.



CRISTEC have specialised in power conversion since 1983 and with over 100,000 units in use around the world, they are the market leader in modern high performance, switch mode battery chargers. Manufactured in Quimper, Brittany, CRISTEC have an extensive R & D department backed up by a specialist testing facility to ensure product ranges meet demanding technical specifications. CRISTEC chargers are fitted as standard equipment to Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria yachts amongst others. They are also used in many military and vehicle applications due to their durability and reliability in tough environments. With a distribution network spanning over 50 countries, you can be assured of quality service around the globe. 



Inverter Power VA (30 min) - 500

Inverter Peak Power VA (5 sec) - 1000

Voltage - 12



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