Paguro 3000

Paguro 3000

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The Paguro 3000 marine generator is identical to the Paguro 4000 in size and is a good choice where having that extra little bit of power is not really necessary.   Having said that, this is a powerful little genset and will give many other brands quoting larger outputs a good run for their money!  It is not only capable of charging your batteries, but powering a water maker, hair drier, TV,  laptop, kettle, etc.

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Why you should buy Paguro...

  • Clean Sine Wave
    Perfect for running TVs, Laptops and other appliances
  • High Start Load Capability
    The Paguro 3000 has a start load capability of 36A, great for starting power hungry equipment such as air con and a small watermaker
  • Peace & Quiet
    An enhanced triple skin soundproof capsule with advanced anti-vibration feet (internal and external), ensure noise and vibration are kept to a minimum
  • Energy Saving
    Uses just 0.35 litres of diesel per kW used per hour
  • Easy to Operate
    Your Paguro comes complete with an easy to read remote control panel with power monitor and 13m cable
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    Simple to maintain, with an oil change hand pump for clean and easy servicing
  • Superior Warranty
    5 year warranty exclusive to leisure customers of Advance Yacht*

    Lifetime warranty on water cooled parts of the engine*

    * Full details available on request


Output - 3.0kVA

Voltage - 230V @ 50Hz

Speed - 3000rpm

Fuel - Diesel

Sound - 54 dB(A) @ 7m

Weight - 70kg

LxWxH - 600x340x525


  • Sound capsule
  • Remote panel & harness
  • Ext anti-vibe mounts
  • Spare Impeller Kit
  • Manual

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