Cristec YPOWER 12-40

Cristec YPOWER 12-40


The Cristec YPOWER 12-40 battery charger features high quality power electronics for optimum performance at high temperatures and for silent operation - no fans are required. Fully-automatic 5-stage charging means your YPOWER can be left permanently connected to your batteries to maintain their charge.

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The Professional Choice

Cristec have specialised in power conversion since 1983. With over 70,000 units in use around the world, they are the market leader in modern high performance, switch mode battery chargers. They are fitted as standard to Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria.

CPS3 & YPOWER Battery Chargers

Cristec’s CSP3 and YPOWER battery chargers feature fully automatic 3 or 5 stage charging (depending on model) and can be left permanently connected to the batteries, keeping them in top condition. These state-of-the-art chargers can accept a wide input power supply range, have power factor correction and have market leading temperature de-rate performance due to their high quality power electronics.

Latest Technology

Cristec's simple switch programming allows you to select the right charge curves to suit your batteries. All CPS3 and YPOWER chargers up to 80A have 3 independent outputs.  One output is set up to charge an engine start battery and the other 2 outputs are for charging 2 separate banks of domestic batteries.


Voltage - 12V

Charge Output (A) - 40

No. of Outputs - 3


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