Cristec CPS3 12-80

Cristec CPS3 12-80


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Cristec CPS3 battery chargers feature fully-automatic 3-stage charging and can be left permanently connected to the batteries to maintain their charge. These state-of-the-art chargers can accept a wide input power supply range, have PFC (power factor correction) and modern HF technology to increase performance and efficiency. Dip switch programming allows you to select the right charge curve for the battery type you have.

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The Professional Choice

Advance Technology

The CPS3 range is the 4th generation of HF chargers developed by CRISTEC. CPS3 battery chargers feature a built-in battery isolator on each battery bank so that the batteries can be left permanently connected even during engine start-up.  

Optimum Charging

CRISTEC chargers are designed to work with all battery types. Their simple dip-switch programming allows you to select the right charge curves to suit your batteries; gel, AGM, flooded, Calcium-Lead, Lithium… This ensures your batteries receive the correct charge and are kept in excellent condition.


CPS3 chargers can be installed in parallel and work together to increase output. For example, if you have an existing CPS3 12-80 charger and want to increase your charging capability to 160A, simply add another CPS3 12-80.

3-Stage Charging

Boost : charges batteries to 80% of full charge
Absorption : slowly completes remaining charge to 100%
Floating : maintains battery charge



CRISTEC have specialised in power conversion since 1983 and with over 100,000 units in use around the world, they are the market leader in modern high performance, switch mode battery chargers. Manufactured in Quimper, Brittany, CRISTEC have an extensive R & D department backed up by a specialist testing facility to ensure product ranges meet demanding technical specifications. CRISTEC chargers are fitted as standard equipment to Jeanneau, Beneteau and Bavaria yachts amongst others. They are also used in many military and vehicle applications due to their durability and reliability in tough environments. With a distribution network spanning over 50 countries, you can be assured of quality service around the globe. 



Voltage - 12V

Charge Output (A) - 80

No. of Outputs - 3


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