Advance Yacht are the UK distributor for Cristec and Studer high performance marine battery chargers

12V Battery Chargers

With over 30 years of experience, Cristec HF Switchmode battery chargers are the market leaders with their high performance and intelligent design. The YPOWER range features a 5-stage charging profile.

24V Battery Chargers

Cristec battery chargers are compact and light.  With over 100,000 chargers in use around the world, their high performance has won them unrivalled feedback.  Cristec chargers suit all standard battery types.

48V Battery Chargers

To increase the total charge output, you can parallel Cristec battery chargers.  So, from maintenance charging of start and service batteries through to 48V electric propulsion, Cristec can provide the power.


12V Shore Power Units

If you want mains on board your boat when in a marina, primarily to supply a battery charger, the Cristec Shore Power Unit combines a battery charger with mains circuit breakers - all pre-wired - in one box.


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