Advance Yacht Systems power management accessories complement any marine electrical system

DC/DC Converters

DCDC Converters allow you to 'step up' or 'step down' one DC voltage to another.  Ideal if your boat has a 24V service battery bank but you want to use a range of 12V accessories.

Shore Power Units

If you want mains on board your boat when in a marina, primarily to supply a battery charger, the Cristec Shore Power Unit combines a battery charger with mains circuit breakers - all pre-wired - in one box.

Voltage Sensitive Relays

To charge two separate battery banks from one source, a voltage sensitive relay can be used.  A VSR will connect the two together when either one is being charged and disconnect them when they are not.

Battery Splitters

MOSFET Splitters cause no volt drop when charge passes through them and are the most efficient way to distribute charge to a number of battery banks without them 'seeing' each other. 

Battery Monitoring

Batteries are at the heart of any DC or hybrid system and the only way to truely know their condition is with a battery monitor. Voltage alone is just not enough.

Battery Protection

Battery guards are a simple way to manage DC loads as the battery bank discharges.  At set voltages these devices disconnect non-critical consumers from the battery bank.



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