Frigomar SCU07VFD

Frigomar SCU07VFD


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The SCU07VFD-E is the smallest air conditioning unit in the range and offers a quiet and compact solution for on board comfort. Digital climate control and reverse cycle heating are included in the price, automatically keeping you cool when it heats up outside and warm if the temperature drops at night. The SCU07VFD is often used for cooling a small cabin such as a forward V-berth or to cool two small cabins, depending on the size and the layout of the vessel.

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On Board Comfort

Compact for Easy Installation

The new Frigomar self contained air conditioning units are compact and designed for easy installation within the space to be conditioned, they are typically located under saloon seating, cabin bunks or at the base of lockers. For optimum efficiency, the return air is drawn from the same area that is being cooled.

Comfortable Climate

The Inverter air conditioner finely adjusts its capacity according to thermal loads in order to maintain desired temperature without fluctuations. This combined with silent operation enables higher comfort compared to conventional units.

50% More Efficient!

The new Frigomar SCU series of air conditioning units are up 50% more efficient compared to conventional units. The compressor starts at very slow speeds with no peak current demand and accelerates quickly up to max speed. As room temperatue approaches set point the compressor slows down keeping a constant temperature.


BLDC motor together with VFD tecnology allow accurate control and a much longer lifespan than non inverter stop/start equipment which places considerable stress on the motor windings



Frigomar corporation is the maritime leader in the refrigeration plant, HVAC and ice makers production. Innovation advanced technology and guaranteed assistance throughout the world are the foundation on which Frigomar in more than 40 years built its success and boast among its many customers the most prestigious Italian and foreign shipyards.



Cooling Capacity - 7,000 BTU/h

Cooling Capacity - 2.3kW

Power Consumption - Max current 1.9A

LxWxH - 433x282x262

Weight - 22Kg


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We also supply comprehensive installation kits, put together using the same high quality parts we use in our professional marine installations. They include the known parts necessary to complete an installation, without you or your installer having to spend time sourcing additional parts. Each system group of parts is individually packed and labelled to make it easy; just open the box and begin!

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Based on the South Coast, our team carry out professional installations to the very highest of standards. With many years experience on a variety of vessels we deliver well thought out installations, optimising use of space and minimising loss of useful storage. We take the greatest care of your boat during the installation and your boat will be handed back to you clean and tidy. We offer a free survey and a fixed price, so there are no hidden extras.

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