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Dessalator D30 Freedom

DC Watermaker
30 - 38 lph


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Ideal for smaller yachts and boats where water requirements are modest and DC power is available via the engine alternator. Compact individual components can be located in small voids so you don't have to use precious locker space. Whether for showering, washing up or even rinsing off your 'oilies', you can enjoy pure water on tap, every day and now your plans can include those far flung destinations.

Note: Watermaker outputs vary dependent on water temperature and salinity.

Note: the image of the major parts package is that of the D60. The D30 package differs only in that the membrane stack has one tube not two.

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Additional Information


As with all Dessalator ranges, your Freedom watermaker is supplied as a complete system including:

Automatic fresh water rinsing - keeps your watermaker fresh and clean, prolonging the life of the membranes: it also back-flushes the pre-filter.

Manual fresh water rinsing - a simple turn of a lever means you can give your watermaker an extra rinse when leaving your boat and when returning after a longer period, keeping your membranes fresh, clean and ready to make pure water.

Automatic transfer to tank of fresh product water simplifies operation, letting you relax whilst your tanks are replenished.

Easy to operate - the control panel has a simple on/off, pressure regulator and status lights to indicate clearly what is happening.

Flowmeter - easily monitor the rate of production.

Hourmeter keeps track of hours run to help analyse performance and establish need for service.

Engineered for long life - for ultimate reliability and low maintenance all Dessalator watermakers are over-engineered.

CAT high pressure pumps - the best; for reliability and peace of mind (we have never had one fail!).

Salinity detector - for prompt fully automatic transfer of water to tank and automatic rejection of salty product water if a problem arises.

Automatic shutdown with alarm light if the pressure gets too high and if there is no water flow (pressure too low),

Carbon fibre high pressure membrane tubes avoid issues with corrosion and are strong and light - maximising long life.

High quality Filmtec ® by Dow Corning membranes for long life, increased output and greater resistance to chlorine.

Laser cut stainless steel chassis with anti-vibration mounts for durability and quiet operation.

Designed with extensive periods of operation by the long distance sailor in mind; all Dessalator machines, whilst being fully automatic, have full manual override facility so that you can continue to make water provided you have power. At the other end of the spectrum, they can be linked to a centralised management system e.g. a 'glass bridge' computer system via a serial link.

Tech Specs

Basic spec DC Watermaker
30 - 38 lph
Part Reference Number 111-0101

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Weight (kg) 35.0000
Manufacturer Dessalator, France
Manufacturer's Web Site
Options & Kits

Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options. We also supply accessories and service kits and spares.

Type High pressure, constant flow
Power Type DC Watermaker
HP pump - power consumption 370 W - 32 A @ 12 V / 18 A @ 24 V
HP pump CAT Pumps: 237, 247, 277 series
Working pressure 60 - 65 Bar
Membranes Qty: 1: Filmtec ® (Dow Corning)
SW30 - 2521 - A
Control Panel 320 mm x 130 mm x 200 mm (L x D x H)
Membrane 695 mm x 95 mm x 95 mm (L x D x H)
Pump and motor 490 mm x 320 mm x 240 mm (L x D x H)
Pre-filter 410 mm x 200 mm x 340 mm (L x D x H)
Pre-filter type Single 5 micron 10" Polypropylene wound filament
Thru-hull fittings (intake) 1/2" Grated scoop type with seacock and strainer
Thru-hull fitting (discharge) 1/2" Plain chromed type with seacock and hosetail
Water supply hose 5 m 1/2" Suction
Product water delivery hose 8 m 3/8" Delivery
Waste brine discharge hose 6 m 1/2" Delivery
High pressure hoses (adapter included) Self assembly with 2 high pressure connectors pre-installed and 2 to be fitted on installation
Product water output hose Blue polypropylene pipe
Circuit protection Fuse holder & fuse (50 A @ 12 V / 25 A @ 24 V)
Spares included 5 micron pre-filter element


Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options. We also supply accessories and service kits and spares.