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Studer AJ 500-12 Inverter
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Studer AJ 500-12 Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
12V / 500VA


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The AJ range consists of pure sine wave inverters that convert a battery's DC voltage into AC voltage suitable for use by all electrical appliances.

The AJ Inverter range is standard in 230 V AC. This model is also available in a 120 V 60 Hz version. For the 120 V 60 Hz version, please contact us directly to place an order.

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Features and Performance
  • High and steady efficiency
  • Outstanding overload capabilities
  • Digital regulation and control by microprocessor
  • Electrical supply to any type of appliance
  • Full internal protection
  • Stand-by level adjustable from a very low threshold
  • Battery lifetime optimization (B.L.O.) function

Function for Saving Energy (Stand-by)
The inverters from the AJ 500-12 are equipped with a stand-by system (also available in the models AJ 275-12/350-24/400-48 with the option -S). The stand-by is an energy saving system which turns off the inverter intermittently when no electrical appliance is detected.
The detection threshold is set by default at 2W. On models from AJ 500-12 and upwards, it is possible to deactivate this function or to modify the threshold.

Alarm by voltage flickering
When the acoustic signal is deactivated or when the inverter is out of acoustic reach, it might be necessary to be warned about the imminent stop of the inverter due to "battery under voltage" or "overheating". If this function is activated, the output voltage will slightly flicker (max.-20%); leading to a variation of the light's intensity, and thus indicating the imminent stop in the energy supply. The user can then choose to reduce his consumption in order to secure the supply to priority loads (for instance, lighting).

Battery Lifetime Optimization (B.L.O.) Function
A battery's cycle in a permanent ongoing load state from 0 to 30% is often the cause of premature battery failures. This case is particularly frequent in small, individual solar installations.
In order to improve the battery lifetime in these situations, the AJ inverters offer an automatic voltage disconnection threshold adjustment. This drives the electrical appliance to adapt its consumption, in order to protect its battery. This adjustment raises the voltage disconnection threshold and therefore moves up the state of charge, enabling the battery to fully recharge in the long run.
This function is deactivated by default, a state that can be changed easily and at anytime by the user.

Optional Built-In Solar Charge Controller (-S)
A built-in optional 3 STEP charge controller (I/U/Uo) can be supplied, making the AJ inverter an "all in one" device for a solar installation.

Tech Specs

Part Reference Number 141-0107
Basic spec Pure Sine Wave Inverter
12V / 500VA
Weight (kg) 4.5000
Manufacturer Studer Innotec, Switzerland
Manufacturer's Web Site
Options & Kits

Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options.
We also supply service kits and spares.

Nominal Battery Voltage 12V
Power Continuous 400VA
Power 30 min @ 25°C 500VA
Power 5 sec @ 25°C 1000VA
Max. efficiency 93%
Output Voltage Sine wave 230Vac (120Vac *) 0 / -10%
Output frequency 50Hz (60Hz *) +- 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Consumption: off / stand by / on 0W / 0.6W / 4.6W
Overheat protection Shut down @ 75°C - Auto-restart @ 70°C
Overload & short circuit protection Automatic disconnection with 2 time restart attempts
Reverse Polarity Protection Protected by internal fuse
Deep discharge battery protection Shut off @ 0.87 x Unom - Automatic restart @ Unom
Acoustic alarm Before low battery or overheating disconnection
Operating temp. range -20°C up to +50°C
Sound level <45dB (with ventilation)
Dimensions 142mm x 240mm x 84mm
Warranty 5 years


Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options.
We also supply service kits and spares.