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Studer Xtender XTM 2000-12
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Studer Xtender XTM 2000-12

Inverter Charger
12 V / 2 kVA / 100 A


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These Inverter/Chargers with 'Smart-Boost' provide a seamless supply of AC power, acting as battery chargers when there is a source of mains, or inverters when there isn't. But that's not all - the Smart-Boost function enables inverter power to be added to either shore-power or generator, managing peak loads efficiently. Read about the AYS Hybrid System to see how this lets you get more from a smaller generator. Fully programmable with adjustable charger output. The XTM-2000-12 is suitable for most applications where moderate use of inverters is required where, for instance, the largest single demand will be from a small electric kettle or microwave cooker..

If the Xtender is not located in the same compartment as the batteries - the BTS-01 optional battery temperature sensor should be taken.
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Additional Information


Unique Technology
Using the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, Studer Xtenders are unique as they use a completely different and more advanced set of computer algorithms to form the software which is the backbone of the Smart-Boost function.

Smart-Boost Function for assisting the AC source, e.g. shore-power or generator. The automatic feed of extra power from the inverter eliminates peak loads (power sharing) thus preventing inadvertent tripping of shore power breakers or overloading of a generator.

Automatic allocation of the available power (power sharing)
The Xtender will automatically reduce power being used to charge the batteries. If your consumption increases towards the limit of available power from the source - and reverts back to battery charging when demand drops again.

Multi-stage, fully programmable battery charger with PFC (power factor correction)
A sophisticated and powerful battery charger is an extremely important aspect of any mobile application to ensure the batteries are charged efficiently and as fast as possible without damaging them. Many modern chargers have three stage charging (bulk, absorption and float) - Xtenders are capable of a six stage charge regime with as many variations of this as you require.

Rugged and Reliable
The Xtender circuits have proven themselves to tolerate massive abuse and the in-built protection circuits shut down or disable functions when external parameters are outside acceptable levels such as low voltage on batteries when operating in inverter mode or high mains votage on input power from shore supplies.

Pure sine wave voltage
The inverter output is a pure sine wave, perfect for running any waveform sensitive device like TV's, computer monitors or even small digital washing machines. Pure sine wave inverters also use DC power more efficiently than 'modified sine wave' or 'quasi-sine wave' - less wastage means shorter recharging time. The inverter standby level is adjustable from a very low load threshold up to higher levels to save power.

Quiet Operation
Inverters allow you to enjoy silent operation of mains devices such as watching a movie on TV or having a low power heater or dehumidifier running overnight during a wet journey.

Ultra fast high power transfer relay
The transfer relay operation can be adjusted from a standard fast setting to an ultra fast UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) setting. The transfer relay is capable of handling 50 A as standard!

Two fully independent programmable auxiliary contacts)
AUX 1 and AUX 2 can be programmed independently to operate in accordance with a vast range of parameters from voltages, temperatures or time and day of the week - or a combination of these!

Parallel and 3 phase configuration up to 9 units
Each Xtender can be joined in parallel by other units up to a maximum of 3 units in total, to increase the power in a single phase system. Furthermore, by adding two more units to any single unit, 3 phase output is available. Different combinations of single phase and 3 phase can be created easily resulting in a single phase supply with Smart-Boost capability with a 3 phase supply that could even be created by inverter powered from the batteries!

Simple system data download and real time clock for event record
You can see a list of events, faults or errors from a menu item in the RCC-03 (optional). This information and a list of all settings can be very easily saved to an SD card (provided) and the information sent, via email, for diagnostic or set-up advice.

Tech Specs

Part Reference Number 141-0304
Basic spec Inverter Charger
12 V / 2 kVA / 100 A
Weight (kg) 18.5000
Manufacturer Studer Innotec, Switzerland
Manufacturer's Web Site
Device Type Multifunction inverter/charger with Smart-Boost
Dimensions 466 mm x 133 mm x 322 mm
(H x D x W)
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 V
Input Voltage Range (DC) 9.5 - 17 V
Power Continuous 1600 VA
Power 30 min @ 25°C 2000 VA
Power 5 sec @ 25°C 4800 VA
Max. load Up to short circuit
Max. asymmetric load Up to Pcont.
Load detection (stand by) 2 to 25 W
Cos Ø 0.1 - 1
Max. efficiency 93%
Consumption: off / stand by / on 1.2 W / 2.2 W / 9 W
Output Voltage 230 V AC
Output frequency 50 Hz (adjustable 45 - 65 Hz)
+/- 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Harmonic distortion < 2%
Overload & short circuit protection Auto disconnect with 3 restart attempts
Overheat protection Warning before shut-off followed by auto restart
Charging current 0 - 100 A (adjustable)
Input current balance adjustment 1 - 50 A
Max. input voltage 265 V AC
Input voltage threshold range 150 - 230 V AC
Input frequency 45 - 65 Hz
Power factor correction Yes (EN 61000-3-2)
Absorption voltage Set at 14.4 V (range: 9.5 - 17 V)
Absorption ends by Duration: set at 2 h ( range: 0.25 - 10 h)
Current: not set (range: 4 - 30 A)
Floating voltage Set at 13.6 V (range: 9.5 - 17 V)
Time to start reduced floating Not set (range: 0 - 32 days)
Reduced floating voltage Not set (range: 9.5 - 17 V)
Equalisation start If required: by charge cycles or calendar intervals
Equalisation voltage Not set (range: 9.5 - 17 V)
Equalisation timing Not set (range: 0 - 10 h after start)
Time to start periodic absorption Not set (range: 0 - 31 days after reduced floating)
Periodic absorption timing Not set (range: 0 - 10 h)
Periodic absorption voltage Not set (range: 9.5 - 17 V)
Temperature compensation Set at -5 (range: 0 to -8 mV/°C/Cell)
BTS-01 required
Max. current on Transfer Relay 50 A
Transfer time < 15 ms
Auxiliary relays (AUX 1 & AUX 2) 16 A max. @ 230 V AC
(NO, COMM and NC contacts)
Protection index IP 23
Operating temp. range -20°C to 55°C
Cooling Forced (fans) above 55°C
Sound level < 40 dB(A): fans off
< 45 dB(A): fans on
Warranty 2 years