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Paguro 3000
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Paguro 3000

3.0 kW


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The Paguro 3000 is the lowest priced unit in the range and whilst it is the ideal choice where battery charging is your main priority, it is more than capable of running air conditioning, a 230VAC powered watermaker, TV, laptop, electric kettle, microwave or hair dryer. Customers who have chosen this machine vary from one with a 32' power boat that required battery charging and had an electric BBQ to live-aboard narrow boat owners with washing machines and generally for those with sailing boats up to 42'.

The power output quoted above is the continuous rating at 230V and when the power factor is 1.0.

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Additional Information


Clean sine wave
Using modern skew cut synchronous alternator windings producing a clean sine wave, the Paguro 3000 is excellent for running TV, laptops and other common domestic equipment.

High start load capability
The most powerful 3 kW marine generator on the market. The oversized synchronous alternator delivers high start load capability – over 300%; necessary for starting power hungry equipment such as air conditioning and watermakers and even some hair driers!

Optimum performance using raw water cooling
If you have been told scare stories about the use of raw water cooling in small generators, let us assure you that the Farymann engine used in the Paguro 3000 is designed to run with raw (sea) water without problems. It is manufactured with a grey cast iron head and block and has been in use for many years. Reports of problems with corrosion are related to generators manufactured by competing brands that use aluminium water cooled alternator housings. These have small machined channels which block up with salt and corrosion, causing the alternator and engine to overheat. Paguro's intelligent design utilizes a stainless steel cooling water drum around the alternator to avoid these problems. Raw water cooling of the alternator enables your Paguro 3000 to produce an excellent level of continuous power and it will not de-rate when being used in higher temperatures.

Peace and quiet
An enhanced triple skin soundproof capsule with advanced anti-vibration feet (internal and external), ensure noise and vibration are kept to a minimum and you (and your neighbours!) can relax on board with all the power you need.

Easy to operate
Your Paguro 3000 comes complete with an easy to read remote control panel and 13m cable, ensuring it can be sited in a convenient location on your boat. It has a unique real time power monitor so that you can see ‘at a glance’ how much power you are using and how much is available.

Energy saving
Using just 0.35 litres of diesel per kW (being used) per hour equates to a maximum possible consumption of less than 1 litre per hour or, a more likely average consumption of less than 0.7 litres of fuel per hour.

Engineered for simplicity and reliability
Manufactured using proven techniques and high grade materials to ensure a long life in the marine environment; for example, the water cooling jacket and exhaust manifold are fabricated in 316L austenitic stainless steel to prevent corrosion, enabling optimum raw water cooling.

Easy to service
The split capsule can be easily removed, allowing access to all service points. Fitted with an oil change hand pump, servicing is a clean and simple job.

Tech Specs

Part Reference Number 101-0102

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Basic spec 3.0 kW
Weight (kg) 70.0000
Manufacturer VTE (Volpi Tecno Energia), Italy
Manufacturer's Web Site
Options & Kits

Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options. We also supply service kits and spares.

Generator type Synchronous, brushless AC, watercooled
Water Cooling System AISI 316L stainless steel direct heat exchanger jacket
Power Output (continuous) - 50Hz 3.0 kW
Power Output (continuous) - 60Hz Not available
Voltage - 50 Hz Single phase 230 VAC
Voltage - 60 Hz Not available
Peak Current for 2 seconds (@ 230 V) 36 A
Generator dimensions 600 (L) x 340 (W) x 525 (H) – inc anti-vibe feet
Noise level @ 7m 52 dB(A)
Engine Farymann Diesel
Speed - 50 Hz 3000 rpm
Speed - 60 Hz Not available
Fuel Consumption 0.35 l/kW/h
Engine cooling system Raw water, thermostatically controlled
Cooling pump Johnson of Sweden, directly driven (no belt)
Remote Control Featuring start/stop buttons, load indicator, hourmeter, automatic shut-down for low oil pressure or high temperature - complete with13 m cable and plug
Starting and shut-off system Electric starter motor (12 V), electric fuel solenoid stop
Start battery charging system 12 VDC - 8 A (max)
Emergency Starting System Hand crank with auto decompression device
Mechanical power (continuous) - 50 Hz 3.6 kW
Mechanical power (continuous) - 60 Hz Not available
Spares included Impeller & gasket kit


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Advance Yacht Systems can supply comprehensive installation kits with various options. We also supply service kits and spares.