Dessalator D200 PRO


Liters per hour - 200 - 240

Power Type - AC

Weight - 76Kg

These reliable water makers are suitable for medium to large yachts including superyachts and small commercial vessels. Available in 230 V / 50 Hz. Also available in 120 V / 60 Hz and 400 V 3 Phase AC upon request. Using larger electrical motors running at de-rate, these robust watermakers are designed for long duty cycles.

Why you should buy Dessalator...

  • Proven Reliability
    Regularly featured in Yachting World's Great Gear Test as popular, reliable and value for money
  • Simple to Maintain
    With both manual and automatic fresh water rinsing as standard, the system can be kept fresh and clean with minimal need for chemical cleansing
  • Easy to Operate
    Automatic transfer to tank simplifies operation, letting you relax while your tanks fill with fresh water