Power Management

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC converters are used to either step up or step down a DC voltage. One special model can also be used to properly charge one battery from another.

Shore Power Units

If your primary need for mains power on your boat is to charge your batteries in harbour, then why not fit the Cristec Shore Power Unit; incorporating a CPS3 battery charger with a built in mains safety RCD and two, three or four MCBs for power distribution around the boat. One box and its sorted.

Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSR)

MBR battery separators are microprocessor controlled VSRs, allowing one battery bank to be charged first from a battery charger or engine alternator and then automatically connecting the second battery bank in parallel to allow it to be charged. See also Cristec Battery Charge Splitters.

Battery Charge Splitters

MOSFET battery splitters do not create volt drop like diode splitters. This means they enable efficient charging of separate battery banks from a single source, like an alternator and/or battery charger. All battery banks remain electrically isolated and are charged independently without any losses.

Battery Monitors

Our battery monitors constantly assess the state of charge of your batteries, as well as keeping you accurately informed of battery voltage, current, Ah consumed... This ensures you know when to recharge your batteries and prevents expensive damage as a result of accidental deep discharge.